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Contractor Marketing

Contractor Marketing

Strategies, tips, and ideas for contractor marketing

Contracting businesses have the opportunity to grow exponentially this year with significant revenue coming their way if they play their cards right. Why? Because The American Institute of Architects has elevated the expenditure across all sections of the construction market. So, business owners in contracting niche like HVAC, electrical, plumbing professionals, all stand a chance to make an awful lot of money.

The contractor business market is blooming, but how can your business get a piece of this cake? Many contractors have already realized the importance of having an online presence as much of the business coming through that route. This trend is expected to grow in 2019; many companies already know this, and hence, contractor marketing online is relatively common now. Changes in marketing techniques have already become prevalent, and anyone who isn't participating in it is giving its competitors an edge. The number of searches that occur every day is evidence enough to show the importance of online presence.


Tips for contractor marketing

The extent of the potential for internet marketing becomes apparent when you come across the fact that Google alone has over 167 billion searches in a month and YouTube reaches more people on mobile in America than any TV network with its over one billion users worldwide. Moreover, Google enables business owners to keep a tab on Google trends. These statistics can help get an insight into the potential markets. It also helps evaluate the overall general health of the contracting industry from the SEO perspective. Lastly, and most importantly, thorough research into the statistics of searching trends will provide a clear picture of how to go about your online marketing strategy to make it more effective.

The 5 components of digital marketing strategy that you should focus on according to Digital Masterminds are:

  • Web design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC or Paid advertising (Pay Per Click)
  • SMM (Social media marketing)
  • Video marketing

It is evident that several potential customers are scouring the internet to hire a competent contracting company. The first step to attain these customers is creating an SEO friendly website that has an easy navigation system that assists increase leads for your business.

  1. Minimum requirements for a website- Fast, Secure, User-friendly, and Mobile-friendly

The foundation of growing your contractor business online is creating a website that is mobile and desktop friendly, search engine optimized, fast, and secure. An effective contracting company's website has these elements in focus:

  • Loading speed: Each second counts when it comes to loading speed. A website should load within 3 seconds and never more than that. Also, ranking on Google suffers when your website load speed is slower for mobile users.
  • Formatted for SEO: Optimize images, title tags, meta-descriptions, and headers to ensure that the search engines can easily determine the content of your website.
  • Mobile friendly website: More than half of the searches are taking place on mobile phones. However, a significant number of people are using desktops and laptops as well, which a contractor marketing strategy cannot ignore. So, you should invest in a website that has responsive coding. This type of coding detects the screen type and changes the structure of the website to match the user's screen.
  • Security: Ever noticed the Https that you see attached in the front of many URLs. It signifies that encrypted information is transmitted between the website and the users and that the website is secure. Google takes this into account when rating your website. Https sites rank higher whereas the websites which are not secured show "not secure" in the front of the URL.

Websites without a clear hierarchy in pages can be very frustrating. You must have moved to the cross button purely because you could not find the relevant information on a website.  Google follows the interaction between your users and website for ranking, and any site that is easy to navigate will rank higher and get more leads.

  1. Importance of SEO for contractor marketing

Google is very secretive and capricious with its algorithms. The algorithm determines the rank of websites and generates search results. However, it is not a complete shot in the dark as we know several factors that determine your website's ranking on the result page of Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization refers to the formatting of the website to rank better on these search engines.

Over half of the online traffic comes organically. Moreover, over 90% of individuals will only click on links present on the first page. So, there is a high positive correlation between SEO ranking and business through the internet. SEO structured website assists your company to:

  • Clearly define the parameters of your area of expertise and target market.
  • Increase the reach of your company's marketing campaigns
  • Promote a particular service by creating a dedicated contractor marketing campaign for it.
  • Create high-quality leads with a high conversion rate.

SEO requires due time before showing any result. It is an ongoing effort that never really stops. It is the synergy between several elements of SEO that contribute to the ranking on Google.

Furthermore, Google pushes websites to be more valuable to its users. So, engaging them through visual-aid and written work will positively affect your ranking. Also, it is much cheaper than advertising on TV and other methods of advertising.

PPC- The ultimately paid contractor marketing campaign

A lead that you convert will get you manifold the revenue of the cost of the click. PPC allows you to get a position on the first page of Google instantly and can generate a significant amount of leads. 10% of the traffic, that is, millions of people visit websites via PPC.

PPC ads are at the top of result pages. There is a tiny icon in front of the result which states that this result is sponsored by Google. The rank of the ad and the cost of the click are determined based on the maximum bid by the business and quality of landing page and advertisement. Google puts clients first, and so should you when making these ad campaigns.

  1. Use of Google's Local pack

Google's local pack comprises of the 3 results which are shown under the map of the users' general location when they search for the (name of service) near me.  To have a shot at coming on this list, you can take the following steps:

  • Optimize Google My Business Account appropriately.
  • Optimize the content on your website for the local service area
  • Get reviews in listings like Google My Business, directories, and other such platforms.

Also, optimize your website's content and pay extra attention to title tags, meta-descriptions, and headers so that they clearly state your geographic location. Also, update online directories like Yellowpages, Yelp, and Yahoo local.

Consistent information throughout the platforms will gain your business trust from Google as it will verify such information through every mean available on the internet.

  1. Social media campaigns for additional traffic

Over a billion people use some or the other types of social media platforms daily. Using social media sites to market to your target audience is essential to your marketing strategy. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Twitter, Google My Business.

Each of these platforms has its own active set of users so; make sure that you have profiles on each one of them. You can include the following tools to your business model and website:

  • Social media buttons on the website
  • Social media buttons on marketing and promotional materials
  • Social media icons in emails signature and business cards


Only consistency will get you far with social media campaigns. So, update your social media regularly to keep your clientele engaged and your business fresh in their mind. Paid social media campaigns are also available. These are priced very reasonably. Your social media engagement also factors in for your SEO performance, and such campaigns can drive significant traffic to your website.

  1. Promoting contractor companies via video marketing

Some videos get millions of views online, which inadvertently, shows the number of users online. Video content will diversify your marketing techniques for your website, the right move to improve on your SEO. It also has the potential to reach a broad audience that is waiting for something interesting online. Video marketing assists your company through:

  • Engaging potential customers via likes, comments, and shares.
  • Solidify a positive brand image in the minds of customers.
  • Bring organic traffic to your website and additional customers to your business.

Tips on video marketing

Video marketing allows businesses to capture the interest of new followers on platforms like YouTube. These platforms also allow users to share these videos. Here are some tips on video marketing

  • brief videos are better if you want customers to watch them
  • Place videos in areas of the website with higher traffic
  • Use videos in social media and blog posts

The price of making a good quality video is fairly low. You can capture a video of your work or while doing work to show your prospective customers and engage more people.

  1. Analytics, measurements and Tracking software installation

Data plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. Having a system to measure the different data is mandatory for all businesses.


Track sales and revenue

One of the easiest ways to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is to accumulate detailed information on sales and revenue. This alone is not sufficient but important because several factors can positively and negatively affect your company's revenue.


Leads through traffic

The number of visitors to the site amounts to nothing when this traffic does not harness leads for your sales team. To keep a strict measurement of the company's lead analytics, you can do the following:

  • The potential clients visiting your site are called qualified traffic. They do not visit your site just as a viewer but for actual services. Keep a tab on your qualified traffic.
  • Measure your company's conversion rate.
  • Optimize conversion rates to maximize the potential of your website's present traffic.

Tactics to improve the conversion rate

Several factors affect the conversions rate. For poor conversion rates, there is no one solution to all the problems. As a business owner, you can only rely on optimizing your website regularly to convert your website's users into work.

To specify the problem, we refer to the point where most of your potential customers leave the site. There is a process that a customer goes through to reach the place where s/he decides to leave. We optimize this place to encourage more potential customers to move further in the process. Optimization here can lead to changes in the format of the submission form, size or color of certain icons, and more.

Call tracking for contractors marketing

Call tracking is a tool that helps you determine the reason behind a potential customer calling you. Where they found your contact can lead you to marketing campaigns that are working. It also allows you to

  • Keep track of new business.
  • Keep a tab on repeat business.
  • Identify effective marketing campaigns.
  • Identify the quality of leads each marketing campaign is generating.

All these measures allow your business to bloom. They provide you the much-needed data that can point you in the right direction. Once you start to identify the problems, rectifying them becomes fairly easy. Eventually, this information will lead to better traffic to lead generation.

Require more marketing advice

Digital Masterminds will be more than pleased to assist you in your future endeavors regarding contractor marketing. We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating successful marketing campaigns for contractors business and offer services related to SEO, website design, PPC, video production, email marketing, content writing and more for all kinds of contractor companies. Give us a call today and let us help you reach your full potential.

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