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Contractor SEO

Contractor SEO

There are several types of contractors companies in terms of specialty, but these companies can be segregated in another way as well, which is whether the company operates locally or nationally. Specialties, geographical location, and structure of any contractor company determine its goals. One factor that remains constant for the success of every contracting company is that it should have a strong presence online. However, you would be wrong to assume that just having a website is enough to get a significant amount of business from online leads annually. What you will need is an SEO-friendly website that ranks higher on the largest search engine, Google.

Google has the lion's share of the search engine market worldwide. Millions, if not billions of people are using this search engine to hire contractor services near them. By using SEO, you can boost your company's sales significantly because successful SEO campaigns will

  • Help you rank well on Google for relevant high traffic keywords.
  • Increase your company's reach among the local audience.
  • Increase your company's reach among the national audience.
  • Increase leads and phone calls through the website.


Contractors SEO formatted websites

Digital Masterminds aims to convert your website into a lead-generating machine, regardless of your specialty. We have SEO, PPC, Social media management, and website designing services at your disposal to help you attain new business and repeat business. We have already worked with various contractor companies including, but not limited to

  • HVAC companies
  • General contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Roofers
  • Electricians


Contractor SEO process

We have four distinct steps to help an SEO campaign become successful. These are listed below:

  1. Create an individualized SEO strategy

Each business is different in terms of initial point and competitors. We will analyze your business's website, your competitors' websites, and then focus on creating a brand image that entices your customers and sets you apart from your competitors. The steps we follow are:

  • Analyze your current presence online
  • Keywords selections and recommendations
  • Optimize website via images, title tags, Meta descriptions, content creation, and more.
  • Implement structural changes to the website to improve navigability.


  1. Implementation

Once, the analyzing part is over, and you have approved all the changes, we will get to the role of making these changes to your website. You can decide on your involvement with the process. We can provide reports on every move that our SEO specialists are making and implement them only after you approve of them.    In this case, you will have to approve changes in:

  • Page structures including elements like headers, title tags, Meta descriptions, and more.
  • Guest blog posts and directory listings.
  • On-page content and images.


  1. Tracking

A tracking mechanism is imperative for any contractors SEO campaign. This lets you know about the effectiveness of your company's online marketing campaigns. Some forms of tracking are:

  • Call tracking.
  • Calculating conversion rates.
  • The shift in search engine rank.
  • Measuring the quantity and quality of the website's traffic.


  1. Evaluating and repeating the process

Once all the data is in order, you can easily discern the effectiveness of each technique. Utilizing this information, SEO specialists alter individual sections of marketing campaigns to maximize their efficacy. We will send you the evaluation report once a month along with the proposed changes as per the data if required. When and if you approve the changes, our SEO team gets back to repeating the process.


Contractors SEO duration

When you invest in something, it is only logical to ask about the period between investment and returns. It is one of the most common questions any SEO service provider gets, including us. However, unfortunately, there is no direct answer to it. SEO techniques take time to work. Google takes time to crawl your website and analyzes your website's interaction with users before ranking you well. Google aims to provide relevant information to users when they search for something online. To stay ahead in this race, you will need to continually update high-quality, relevant content on your website to reap the benefits of an effective SEO campaign.


Our procedure for contractors SEO

Analyzing the website

Evaluating your website's performance via different metrics allows us to attain revelations that can help form plans to improve the company's SEO strategies. This data determines the effect of SEO campaigns on the traffic of your website. Also, these data assists draw conclusions on the amount of traffic that is converting into viable leads via call tracking. Call tracking also provides insight on each SEO campaign's lead generation capabilities.

This data answers several questions and enables SEO experts to identify the defaulters and change them to maximize your business's sales. Every digital marketing effort you make impacts your overall Google ranking. So, SEO specialist pays extra attention to various factors which lead to engagement from users and the quality of engagement. This, too, affects the ranking and assists the SEO expert in making appropriate changes.


Content creation for contractors SEO

64% of the searches come from people who are looking to buy something. When these users land on a page that tells them exactly what they want to hear in concisely, their chances of purchase increase. Content that is well-written and error-free will rank better on Google, but that isn't the maximum potential of content. An SEO specialist will:

  • Add relevant keywords to the content in a natural manner.
  • Properly place internal links
  • Incorporate links from authoritative sources
  • Thoroughly read the content to make it grammatically correct and concise.


Research for keyword

Keyword research allows a business to determine what keywords they would like to associate with their website. Any contractor company will opt for multiple keywords with high traffic that are relevant to their business. The procedure of optimizing a website for various keywords that relate to the business is called website information architecture. Website information architecture is the most crucial part of contractors SEO. In this step, the SEO specialist will research and report about various keywords that are relevant to your niche and the type of competition these keywords have.


A place in local listings

You can target the national market or the local one, but a contractors company should always have a robust online presence in the local area. For this, you need to apply local listing optimization techniques which include:

  • Optimization of Google My Business account.
  • Optimization of the business's profile and making it consistent on various online directories.
  • Changes in the website's content to optimize it for local searches.

Why is listing contractors business locally important? 80 % of users utilize a search engine to find local information. In contractors business, the services require the physical presence of the service providers. According to Google, 50% of the time, users turn into leads when they search for a related business with 'near me' at the end. It also helps drive more local users to your website especially, when you show up on the local directories and listings of Google on result pages.


Backlink Contractors SEO services

A decisive factor for your website's Google ranking is the number of external authoritative websites that link back to your website. The logic that Google applies here is that high trustworthy sites will link back to their kind only. Backlinking is the most challenging part of SEO tactics. We have extensive experience in the field and would be able to build high-quality backlinks for your website from authoritative websites. These backlinks will also earn you extra relevant traffic.


Our specialization in Contractors SEO

We, at Digital Masterminds, handle all the aspects of SEO and you can hire us for one, several, or all the elements of it. Digital marketing, SEO, or both, from scratch, or continuing an already made website, our SEO team can do it all. So, delegate your burden of SEO, PPC, website design, local listing optimizations, or social media marketing on us to watch your marketing campaigns succeed.

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