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Contractor Web Design

Contractor Web Design

Contractor Web Design


Excellence in contractors website design

In business, the first impression matters the most as it can make or break a lead. Your online presence is the first point of contact for many of your potential clients. An excellent first impression will convince the potential customer of your capabilities and ability to provide precisely what they need. A loyal customer base will only form once; people take your service and decide to use your business over and over again for that service. For contract businesses, having a loyal customer base is crucial for survival.

For making a positive first impression on your potential clients over the internet, first you need to have a website that they can find easily, that is, your website should come among the top position on search engine result pages. Once they click on the site, it should provide information about the services and methods of operations to the customers so that they can make an educated decision.

To accomplish this, you need an expert to design a website for your contracting company. This site should be optimized to rank higher on search engines, easy to use, informative, and designed specifically to get a higher conversion rate.

With Digital Masterminds, you can get the best contractor web design for any business niche. We have experience in creating web designs for plumbers, movers, roofers, HVAC, and many more. Our aim with every site we design is to get more potential clients to contact you for your services. We would love the opportunity to help your business grow. Your success becomes a testament to our credentials.



Get the best-designed contractor website

Almost 70% of active users in the U.S. alone carry out at least one search for information online in a month. Usually, these people use the internet to search for reviews, products, and also to hire contractors. This is a considerable portion of potential clients that cannot be ignored. Because of this clientele, it has become a necessity to have a website today for all contractors.

Most contracting businesses have websites and the ones who don't are in the process of making one. However, not all sites are cut from the same cloth. As a contracting company, you need a website that has the desired reach, generates leads, formatted for SEO, converts users into business, and keeps the potential customers engaged.

We, Digital Masterminds, have perfected the art of creating a contractor web design that meets all these expectations. All these services are available at affordable rates. Each website we create is specially designed to convert leads; SEO formatted and designed to improve your website's ranking on search engines.

Single-Page Website: Lead campaigns are generally carried out on the single-page website. Paid-ad campaigns and small-service launches also utilize landing pages (another name for a single-page website). Our company designs single-page websites with a structure that maximizes your company's conversion rates.

WordPress Websites: Planning to make an extensively detailed website from scratch? Digital masterminds marketing and design utilizes PHP and WordPress, a platform for designing websites which 100 million businesses are using today. WordPress is the most common choice among business owners because it is a simple platform that lets you improve and manage your website easily once your website is complete. It also carries an abundant amount of add-ons, plugins, and extras. Furthermore, WordPress allows for the creation of a responsive web design that works on mobile as well as desktop.



Why choose a responsive design?

Responsive web design has programming that allows it to sense the type of device the user is viewing the site on and changes the website's structure and pages to become compatible with the screen. Websites with responsive programming work on both mobile and desktop. As many of the internet users are on their mobile phones now, it makes absolute sense to opt for a website that works on both. At Digital Masterminds, we excel in creating such websites.

In addition to its functionality, Google also favors mobile-friendly websites while ranking because they load more quickly on mobile than a website only optimized for desktop. Therefore, we recommend our clients to invest in a website that has responsive coding.

Our view on the contractor’s website design

Our main goal while designing your website is to make it reach its highest potential. To achieve that result, we create a website that causes an influx in traffic, has a good conversion rate, and leaves a positive first impression on potential clients. To reach this goal, we use a layered web design strategy.

Discovery: To create a great website about your business, extensive knowledge about your business is needed. In the discovery phase, we gather all the relevant information about your business and about the services you offer. Anything deemed fit of inclusion will be studied in detail to get the finer points about your business across.

Mock-Up Page generation: Once the discovery phase is over, our web designers will create a mock-up page to give a demo on how your website will look. You can chip in your opinions about any additional content you would like on your website, like call buttons, chat options.

Coding: After everything is approved, we will get to the coding part and start creating your website.

Why Digital Masterminds marketing and design is my best option?

We already have helped several contracting companies by designing websites that reach potential users and convert them into customers. We have done this by:

  • Designing websites well within the budget and performance requirements of business owners.
  • Paying due attention to details of the business model at hand to create the best web design that generates leads.
  • Using the best marketing and website design software to determine the behavior of website users.
  • Increasing organic search engine ranking and conversion rates


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