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Facebook Marketing for Automotive Dealerships

Facebook Marketing for Automotive Dealerships


The automotive industry spends billions of dollars on online advertising, and it’s for a good reason. When you’re dealing in cars, you have many competitors selling the same car models that you are, so how do you get customers coming to you instead of them?

Facebook has so many marketing features from the ad section to native facebook posts and messenger. I’ll start with Facebook ad features for auto dealerships, and I'll give a few sales examples and pictures that you can draw inspiration from.

Local Targeting

The e-commerce world likes to make it easy to ship products, regardless of location, but when it comes to cars, many people prefer dealerships that are closer to where they are. Hardly would you see the average person wanting to go very far to test-drive a vehicle. There are two ways to target locally:

Facebook’s Marketplace

List it on Facebook's marketplace so that visitors looking to get car results close to them to get your cars

Use Location Targeting

Location targeting means being very specific about the location of your potential customers. You can use this tactic to swipe our competitors because you reach people that are close to you and can walk into your lot to complete the deal. Imagine coming across an ad that says “We can beat their deal and are less than 10 miles away.” That will catch your interest over someone that’s in another country.

Dynamic Auto Ads

If you have an e-commerce website, you can use Facebook Pixels to create compelling ads. These types of ads connect with your inventory and customer behavior. Let's say they stumble on your website but didn't buy anything, don't let that go to waste. It's been proven that it takes about 6-7 interactions before new customers make the deal. Use dynamic ads to show them what they are missing. Show vehicles that are most relevant to the ones they had looked at on your website.



Use A Lead Generation Form And ChatBots

Since artificial intelligence is allowing us to make more sales in other industries, why should the automotive market be any different?

Facebook Ad has a lead generation feature that can feed leads directly into your CRM system if you have one. Then, you can send messages to your leads and follow up based on their response on your form.

Making it better is the Facebook Messenger chatbot. Many fashion and cosmetic stores use it, and it’s been proven that it works for auto as well. FB messenger has chatbots that you can use to push up your FB marketing. Set the automation and get the deal, regardless of the time.

Facebook Marketing Works Better With The Right Skills

Online advertising doesn’t bring the right ROI if you don’t promote and target right. There’s a broad audience on Facebook. If you don’t know how it works and target the wrong shoppers, you’ll be spending money for nothing. Be ultra-specific in your targeting, leverage Facebook’s data, and have salespersons deliver the right message.

You can spend hours trying to get it right or focus on administration and give that work to an online advertising firm who knows every bit of it and can use the right words and videos to sell your cars.


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