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Roofing SEO

Roofing SEO


A roof completes and protects your house just like good SEO strategies to assist and secure your business.  A well-designed website can do wonders for your roofing business.

As a service provider, your biggest struggle will be to keep a steady if not an accelerating flow of clients coming your way. With the right SEO practices, the clients will come to you. How? Read further to know everything about SEO that will assist your business reach its top potential.


What is SEO, and how does it help my roofing business?

Search engine optimization comprises of strategies that revolve around creating a well-designed and developed website that is filled with engaging, meaningful content, with keywords that are strategically placed within and throughout the content.

Keywords are the words that you expect users to type in when they are looking for businesses like yours. When you use specific keywords, people are directed to your website when they search using these keywords.

A multi-dimensional zone: SEO is not one dimensional much like your roofing business. It has many aspects, but keywords are the one people focus on the most. Other factors include working on the site's functionality by enhancing the navigability, content, and different strategies.

Good SEO practice = Better SERPs ranks: Your position on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is the most clear-cut indicator of your SEO strategies results. The most significant chunk of traffic is scooped by the website on top. Search engines analyze the content to determine the position of the site on the result pages. The way to get a higher rating on SERPs is practicing good SEO techniques.

SERPs are the battleground of roofing businesses, and you need to participate to win. The right keywords, along with other SEO practices, will place your business in the competitive arena, when people search for keywords relevant to your business.


What return on investment awaits you?

The type and extent of your business have a crucial role in determining the overall return of investment. You should keep these two factors in check when you decide on your goals with this investment. Over-ambition here will leave you disappointed, but the lower aim will hinder your growth.


The minimum expectations from your roofing SEO are getting back the cost of investment, some profit, and a set of new clientele. Basically, return should be higher than investment so that, there is some profit.

Return on investment can be measured in other ways as well when it comes to SEO. The improvement in ranking of SERPs, traffic, interaction with clients, etc. all come from SEO and benefit your business. However, measuring some of these factors in numbers can be hard. Hence, it is recommended that you only focus on clear indicators.

How much time before I see results?

  • Time cannot be of the essence here. The fact is that once you are done with the first bit, Google will take time to crawl your site and will only start rating you better once it has enough data to calculate how users are interacting with your website.
  • The lengthier, the better: SEO comprises of various elements, and it is important to note, that the more time you spend on SEO, the better results you will yield. The initial results will be visible after several months, but it is only through continuous up gradation of content and good SEO practices that your business will continue benefitting.
  • Two deciding factors: You will know that your SEO practices are working when you rise in SERPs and when you see a steady increase in the number of visitors on your website who turn into customers.
  • The number of customers stabilizes: There will come a time when the number of new customers coming for your services through roofing SEO will plateau. Here, the main aim will change from increasing the customers to maintaining the number of customers you already have.


Local/National roofing marketing campaign

Your business model will decide the extent of your roofing marketing campaign. If your business model only allows you to work in a particular area, you can allocate keywords to your website that target the audience in that area alone. If your roofing business has a range of branches all over the country or world, you can opt for keywords that are not geographically specific.

For local marketing campaigns, keywords like 'roofing services near me' or 'roofers in (name of the city)' will get prioritized whereas in national campaigns, keywords like roof repair, roof installation will get more relevant hits.


Assessment of roofing website using key performance indicators

Every business-related feature needs assessment, and SEO is no different. KPIs help you determine visitors’ engagement, retention, and conversion into clients. A proper assessment report will include data that shows results that correspond with your business's goals.

The use of KPIs in roofing SEO is a must because it helps pinpoint the working and non-working bits of the SEO practices. Once you figure out what isn't working, you can switch it up for better results.

Here are some KPIs that you need to look out for:

  1. Fresh client count: The higher the number of clients flocking in due to roofing SEO, the better.
  2. Organic traffic: The number of visitors coming to your website via SERPs that is without paying for the traffic.
  3. Pages per session: The number of pages a visitor goes through in one session reflects on your SEO practices. The more a visitor indulges in the website, the more chances of becoming a client.
  4. Keyword ranking: Keyword ranking shows what potential clients are searching. Good keyword ranking translates to increased chances of new visitors.
  5. Bounce rate: Visitors bouncing off your website just after one page is bounce rate. Needless to say, a higher number here is terrible for roofing SEO.


On-site SEO for roofers

On-site SEO refers to SEO practices that are implemented on the website. The aim here is to provide optimum experience to your clients when they visit your website. Also, good SEO on-site practices enable users and search engines to quickly figure out whether the site is relevant to them or not.


On-site SEO has

  1. Strong, correct keywords: Incorporating keywords that are appealing and relevant will get you more customers. Keywords that signify your services, geographical location, and the types of building you work on (residential, commercial, or both), will be good for your roofing SEO.
  2. Optimum website structure: Website structure is paramount when it comes to visitor's retention on site. Straightforward navigability will impress search engines and users alike.
  3. Apposite content: When your content matches your services, you improve on your credibility. The content should consist of information that potential clients might be searching. Moreover, proofread, grammatically check, and appropriately place keywords in the content to make it more viable.
  4. Addition of Google Analytics: On-site SEO performance assessment via Google Analytics will tell you about the traffic, keyword ranking, among other things to show how your website is performing in the eyes of the users and search engines.
  5. A sitemap: This document is more for the convenience of Google. A site will provide all the pages available on the website in a form that easily allows customers and search engines to navigate to the most relevant information on the website.
  6. Appropriate security: Not creating a secure connection will harm your website's credibility and the number of visitors. On-site SEO includes making the site secure. You do not want your or your clients' sensitive information to reach mendacious hands. This practice also helps your website against hackers.
  7. Shorten website load time: Waiting too long for a site to open must have led you to bounce off a few sites when you were searching for something online, your clients are not any different. Make the load time as short as possible to ensure good ranking via Google and more user engagement.


Off-site SEO for the roofing business

Off-site SEO practices also aim to improve your website's ranking on SERPs, much like on-site SEO, but via the means of being mentioned by other reputable sites. When renowned sources link back to your website and social media, you start ranking better on SERPs


Link building: When other reputable sources link to your site, then your link profile and SERPs ranking improve.

Directories: Getting your business mentioned in the high-authoritative online directories under the relevant section, that is, roofing business, will add to your link profile.

Regular links cleanup: Dead links, irrelevant links, and less number of links on your website will hurt your ranking. So, cleaning these up from time-to-time is very necessary.


Social media marketing to the rescue for roofing businesses

Your online presence can benefit significantly from social media, where many potential clients spend a significant amount of their time. It is an inexpensive way to increase your clientele. Social media improves on brand recognition and loyalty and provides you the opportunity to engage potential customers at their choice of medium.

YouTube: YouTube videos that focus on tutorials, demonstrations, and product promotions are some of the best for roofing SEO. This is one place where an abundance of relevant traffic comes. Roofing SEO will help you with content and keyword optimization on YouTube videos.

Other social media: Social media comprises of many platforms that require a dedicated team of workers. Dedicating so much time to social media yourself can be jarring. You can trust our team to update your social media accounts regularly and create content that keeps your followers glued to your profile.


Check your roofing business's growth

Checking your business's growth is essential for your business. This including keeping a check on the increase in revenue and profit, and change in clientele.

To check how your roofing SEO practices are functioning, use these tools, and make changes if needed.

  • Phone tracking: When you apply phone tracking, it gives you details on what part of the SEO campaign made a customer call your office.
  • Form tracking: Form tracking allows you to determine the location of the people who are filling out the contact form. This helps you establish new targeted keyword strategies based on data collected.
  • Traffic check: To know the quantity of traffic, how is the traffic reaching you, and what caused these clients to come to your website, you can use tools like Google Analytics and Coremetrics. These detailed reports will assist you in creating a better SEO plan.
  • Ranking report: The ranking report of keywords and SERPs will tell you everything you need to know about the effectiveness of different keywords. You can change your strategies as per needs based on this report.


Roofing SEO: The deciding factor for your reach and clientele

Roofing SEO has the potential to increase your business manifold in a short duration of time. It will introduce your business to many new potential clients who were unaware of your business before. All the techniques mentioned above focus on improving the traffic of potential clients to your website, and we have expertise in this matter.

Just remember to have patience when you start the SEO journey with us because we will not make any false promises or use black hat practices that will hurt you in the long run. It will take a few months before you see a better ranking on SERPs, more traffic, and new clients. We would love the opportunity to apply our experience to take you on a journey that will help your business reach its ultimate potential.

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