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Why is SEO Essential for Dentists?

Why is SEO Essential for Dentists?

Dentist SEO

Teeth problems are to dentists what food is to humans. One cannot exist without the other. Even though the obsession with sweets is making sure that the toothache doesn't go anywhere, it does not necessarily mean that all dentists are rolling in money. The reason for that is simple: they do not have the SEO strategy required to rope in more customers. There is only so much that word of mouth can do.

A user-friendly, optimized website can do wonders for your business. Primarily, this improvement encourages people to like to invest in online presence. You, too, can make your business rise over the others by applying funds to the online presence that will primarily deliver customers to your doorstep.


SEO essentials for dentist


What is SEO and why does it matter?

  • SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the technique of using content along with keywords related to your business to bring the attention of more people to your business when they are searching for the services you provide.

Here are the components of SEO

  • Keywords: The first component is the keywords. Keywords can be one word or multi-word phrases that pertain to your business model. You, as a dentist, would not like a person searching for candies (potential future customer though) to your site. You are more likely to convert a lead if a person searching for 'toothache remedies' or 'dentist near me' comes to your page.


  • User-friendly: SEO is not just about the content. Of course, it is an essential facet of the system but definitely not the whole picture. The functionality of your website, the easy navigation system, and several other SEO strategies make the complete SEO system.


  • The only way for high SERP's ranking: SERPS are the pages Google shows when you search for something. SEO can help you achieve a higher position on SERP's without paying Google. Google goes through a range of subject matter before deciding on what to show on the top and consecutively. Most people do not go beyond the 1st page of Google. The results on top take the lion share of the clicks and leads. In most cases, even the Google advertised links that appear on the top lose to the top unpaid result.


  • If the reach of your business matters, especially, to people who have not heard of it, then SEO matters. Think of it this way: people do not go out asking people where they got their phone; they search for the phone online. Your business is no different. There are thousands of potential customers who are searching for the service you provide in your area. Your competitors are taking them away by showing up on the Google search pages whereas you are not even in the competition.


What about return on investment?

Any investment you make should come with returns. Make no doubt about, SEO is a long term investment. Though the duration of investment varies with each client, do set goals for this investment. What do you want from this investment? Some websites do not need clients but only traffic. Dentist SEO is not one of them. For dental firms, leads are more important than traffic. Not to say that traffic is not essential, but if you get 100 clicks on the website with no leads, there is no point to it. But if you get 50 clicks that lead to 5 new clients, then that is the result you need. Here, the return on investment should be new clients that cover the cost of SEO while providing some profit as well. But, to the best of your ability, keep your expectations realistic.


For how long do I need to take SEO services?

If you already have a working site with content, then it might differ. However, for simplicity, we can assume that you are in the initial phase of making an online presence.

  • Long term investment: In this case, dentist SEO strategies can take up to several months before becoming viable. Google crawls through sites, looks at user behavior and interaction with the website before positioning it higher on the SERP's which takes time.
  • Tireless work: It can take action of several hundred hours a week for several weeks before the effectiveness of the strategies become apparent.
  • Two tell-tales of effective working: If your SERP ranking is becoming better with time, you are on the right track. The other factor is the rise in the number of clientele taking your services after visiting your site.
  • The stagnant phase: After your dentist SEO services reach its full potential in terms of traffic and clientele, the next step is to work on strategies that help maintain the numbers.


Local, national and international campaigns

SEO allows you to pinpoint the demography you wish to target.

Local: For dentists, SEO mainly focuses on searches coming from within the city. It is a service that needs the physical presence of the doctor and the patient. National and international searches to leading your page are not likely to lead to new customers. Here keywords with the city name like 'Dentist in Manhattan' will be beneficial for the dental firm in Manhattan.


Dentist SEO


Key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should know about

Key performance indicators designate whether your investment in the dentist SEO campaign is yielding results or not. KPIs should be indicative of the goals of your business. KPIs include the engagement and retention of searchers on the website along with the increase in business. KPIs also help us find the things that are not working and rectify them for a better and more effective campaign. Here is a list of the most important KPIs:

  • Fresh clients: You definitely want more of them.
  • Organic traffic: It is the unpaid traffic that comes via searches.
  • Keyword ranking: Better keywords rank results in more traffic.
  • Bounce rate: This rises when people leave just after one page. It should be low.
  • Pages per session: Track of the number of pages a searcher opens in one visit.


Optimizing on-site SEO for dentist business

On-site SEO includes excellent user experience. It also helps searches and search engines establish the relevance of your website as per the search.

  • Keywords: Content is king and keywords are its subjects. Strong, relevant and appealing keywords will benefit your business significantly. You can also add the geographical location of your office here to help more real leads come to your page.
  • Website structure: The next cause of concern is the website structure. An easily navigable website is much more likely to retain clients. For this, the pages should be find-able and distinct.
  • The content mantra: Grammatically correct, proof-read, engaging content with relevant keywords is your only safe bet if you want your customers to stay and not bounce off. Customized content about things potential customers might be searching for will yield the best results.
  • Analyze your work: Google analytics is a free Google tool that lets you know your page's performance. It includes keywords ranking, the website traffic and much more. It also analyzes the website's performance with user and Google search engines.
  • Sitemaps: It is a page the links all the different pages of the website in order of relevance. A sitemap can help your site rank higher on the Google search results.
  • Secure site: A site that allows others to steal sensitive content is a threat. The same is true for easily hacked sites. Also, you do not want potential clients to leave with not just disdain but also viruses. So, maintaining a secure connection is an essential SEO practice.
  • No waiting: Have you ever seen a man working on a device with slow internet. You can imagine how frustrating that might go. So, to make sure that your potential clients do not leave the site before the web pages even loads, optimize your website to have a short loading period. This not only affects clients but also, hinders with the SERPs ratings.

Off-site SEO for dentistry

It works based on back-linking. Basically, when reputable sources give links to your website, you gain backlinks. You can also improve on your off-site SEO by backlinking to other trustworthy sites. However, there are a few terms and conditions for this.

  1. Relevant links to dentistry business: If you have consistent, authentic and not forced backlinks to your site on other websites of the same niche but different agenda, it can help your business significantly in reaching a wider audience.
  2. Placement of site: There are several lists on the internet telling about the best of everything. Having your name and website mentioned in high ranking directories sites can give you an influx in the number of customers who come flocking to you.
  3. Keeping an eye on the link profile: The last thing to do is clean up the dead and irrelevant links. This also entails that high ranking sites list your name.

The boon of social media

Another practice that can help improve traffic to your site and give it more credibility is social media. It is an inexpensive and efficient way to create more engagement with social media users and talk to them in person. Social media engagement helps convert people into loyal customers and improves brand recognition. We can help with social media content and continuously update all your social media accounts.


Dentist SEO


Tracking methods

Three things to audit every few months if not days is the development of the client base and profitability of the company.

Phone tracking: To check what part of the dentist SEO campaign made the client actually pick up the phone and call.

Form tracking: This will provide you the data of the location of the person who filled out a form on your website.

Report on traffic: To keep track of traffic, where it comes from and what engages clients, use Google Analytics. It gives a thorough analysis of the website. We can use this for the refinement of the SEO strategies.

Report on ranking: This tool is used to determine the least and most effective keywords to help alter the SEO campaign accordingly.

Does dentist SEO definitely work?

If you want to reach your maximum potential, then SEO is your best bet. It gets you a new clientele base. By using the tools and techniques mentioned above, we can improve your SERP ranking, bringing more clients to your website.


Immediate results are not a part of this deal. It can take weeks or months before you see real results. The best thing to do here is to have patience while we take our years of expertise to help increase your business manifolds.

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