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WiFi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing

Real Time. Real World Data. 


ACQUIRE - Package One

Know Every Customer Better

Online businesses use digital cookies to record customer visits and build rich profiles.  WiFi marketing uses your WiFi hotspot, in the same way, to help you know your customers better.  It automatically records visits, validates contact info and adds demographic details.

You’ll know who’s coming in, what they’re like and how often they’re visiting, allowing you to create high-impact messaging and campaigns that drive measurable results.


RETAIN - Package Two

Keep Customers Coming Back

For busy merchants, marketing is often near the bottom of their to-do list. Our WiFi makes it easy to match the right message with the right moment by listening for customer visits and sending targeted messages. You can reward frequent visitors, welcome first-time guests and pull back lost customers. It happens automatically with Smart Emails. You know what works and what doesn’t because our WiFi's Walk-Through Rate tracks the most important metric of all: how many customers walk in the door.





You'll know your customers' email, demographic info, and visit behavior. And it all happens automatically through your login portal.


Use your WiFi to transform the way you reach customers.




Enhance satisfaction and reputation: We grow your customer knowledge base, keep customers coming back and enhance your reputation. 

Satisfaction Survey: Solicit feedback when guests visit.

Real-time Notifications: Intercept problems before they become bad reviews.

Reputation Builder: Promote reviews on your preferred sites.

Enhanced Insights: Graphic display of business characteristics and breakdowns. 




You can measure the results of your marketing and reputation-building efforts with your Walk-Through Rate — the number of people who walk through your door.  That's real ROI.



Acquire (Package One):                

Grow your customer knowledge database
Branded Hotspot
Custom landing page to greet customers and promote features
Guest List
Validate address, organize, import and export guest details
Welcome Message
Automated welcome message for new customers
Standard Email Marketing
Send 250 email blasts
Visitor Dashboard
Track visits, email performance, and other key metrics
Mobile App - The power of reporting on the go


Retain (Package Two):                  

Keep your customers coming back
Smart Messages
Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns
Increased Email Marketing
Send 50,000 targeted email campaigns
Walk-Through Tracking
Track real-world performance of your marketing programs
Profile Enrichment
Automatically enhance guest profiles with demographic info
Includes everything in Acquire (Package One)


BUILD (Package Three):                             

Enhance satisfaction and includes Reputation Management 
Satisfaction Survey
Solicit feedback when guests visit
Real-time Notifications
Intercept problems before they become bad reviews
Reputation Builder
Promote reviews on your preferred sites
Enhanced Insights
Graphic display of business characteristics and breakdowns
BEST VALUEIncludes everything in Acquire  and Retain Packages PLUS REPUTATION MGMT


 Advertising Campaigns:            Contact us for pricing

Target smart audiences on powerful digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google)
Real-people targeting
Use real-world data to advertise directly to customers in your neighborhood.
Your campaigns should target actual customers, not vague approximations. Real-world data helps you target people based on their actual behavior and location. It outperforms Facebook control groups by 70%, on average.
Dedicated campaign management
Online ad campaigns are hard to set up and manage. Your campaign manager handles the design, audience creation and launch of your social media ad campaigns from start to finish.
Bring more customers back!
The platform powers personalized campaigns based on customer details and behavior. So 85% more of your first-time customers come back again, and they’re 5x more likely to remain loyal.







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