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Facebook Ads - Automotive

Showcase inventory on Facebook. Target specific customers for high conversion rates.


By placing a customized Facebook pixel on a dealership’s website, our technology grabs the inventory and inserts vehicles into targeted ads on Facebook.   When clicked on, the ad takes the user to the specific vehicle’s page, instead of a generic landing or home page. This results in higher conversion rates versus a campaign with a static image or video.


Vehicle inventory information (such as make, model, condition, age, Vin, and more) are updated daily with data pulled from a dealer’s website, so dynamic ads always reflect the real inventory.


With our Dynamic Facebook Automotive Ads, our digital advertising experts will build and launch a three-month advertising campaign. Reporting is included and offers a detailed breakdown of available vin numbers and the current status (available or sold), along with up-to-date statistics on every click or unique click (click from a unique device).


This information will give a dealership invaluable insight into the results of the campaign and relevant consumer behavior in the respective market!



Dynamic ads are personalized for individuals who have already shown their intent to buy a new vehicle. This places the dealership at the top of mind for potential customers, while allowing the dealership to enter sales conversations with people who have already done their research and are more prepared to make a purchase.


So how much better is a dynamic ad?


With your typical, non-changing “static” ad, uploading a dealership’s entire inventory, and targeting specific car shoppers is time-consuming and 100% manual.  If you’re not putting in that kind of work, a simple ad for a dealership alone will result in driving customers to a landing or home page; not the page with the specific vehicle they’re looking for.


By contrast, dynamic ads 100% automatic and results in 100% of customers viewing a specific VDP (Vehicle Display Page).
As a dealership brings in new vehicles and sells old inventory, the ads are automatically updated. Plus, our technology automatically grabs and adjusts the images from the VDPs, so the ads always look great.


Check out these key metrics. Nearly 3x more time is spent on the landing page, with a 2x lower bounce rate.


Facebook Ads - Automotive


Perhaps the best part of this solution is the high return on investment. This is a sample of a Digital Masterminds Dynamic Facebook Automotive Ads report. It includes a detailed breakdown of every available vehicle identification number (VIN), up to date statistics on every click, unique clicks, and VIN status (moved, pending, or current). This information will give a dealership valuable insight into the results of the campaign and consumer behavior (such as what vehicles people are most interested in based on clicks). Reports are sent out at the 2-week, 1-month, 2-month and 3-month marks from the campaign start date.


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Here’s another example of the detailed reporting you’ll receive, showcasing your return on investment and real value of the campaign.


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Facebook boasts 2.13 billion monthly active users, and this user base represents an exciting opportunity for dealers to reach new markets and customers.


We offer three recommended packages that include the estimated number of unique and total clicks we can deliver, based on your spend. If you would like, you can also create a custom budget.


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