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Website Design & Development


Your website is the online façade of your business and ideas. It takes a clever combination of arts and technology to create a customized website that is not only easy to use but also high on functionality. At Digital Masterminds Agency, we combine years of experience with the latest technology to give you fully functional, easy to navigate, and SEO-optimized websites that oozes trust and adds value to your brand.   


Why Design Your Website with Us?

We offer a holistic range of web designing services that are modeled to match your unique needs. Our team of professional web developers, user interface designers, and user experience gurus go to great lengths to make sure you have the best website in town.  We can create a brand-new website from scratch for you or redesign your existing website for better visibility.


Custom-web design services

We understand that every business has unique needs and generalizing is often a big mistake in SEO web-designing. This is why we provide thorough consulting to understand your needs and create a strategy that works best for your website. We have specialized teams that handle different website design projects such as personal websites, e-commerce platforms, business homepages, community websites, media sharing websites, and organizational tools. 


Mobile-Enabled Websites

Mobile browsing is a growing trend that is changing the dynamics of digital marketing. Recent studies have shown that more than half of the internet traffic in the US and Canada comes from mobile browsers. Having a well-optimized mobile website increases efficiency, brand-value, and outreach.


Website Aesthetics: Layout and Design

An essential aspect of your website is the layout and design. It affects not only visual appeal but also your online visibility. Search Engines use advanced tools to filter out clustered sites and promote websites with a neat and clean layout. We dig deep into your backend and frontend website architecture to optimize your webpages according to your needs. This results in higher visibility, smoother browsing, and organic optimization for search engines.


Search Engine Optimized Content

The heart and soul of any website is its content. It is the best way to boost your organic visibility and create a long-term SEO asset. Our content management team consists of expert keyword planners, copy-writers, editors, and SEO strategists with years of collective experience. We can help you uniquely tell your brand's story and also generate organic traffic and leads. We also provide backlinked content for a more trusted website.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

If your website is getting too hard to control, we can develop your own Content Management System or CMS. CMS helps to unlock the real potential in your website by organizing data and giving you the ultimate control over all your site content. This makes your site more flexible to implement new ideas. We can help you create content taxonomy, archives, data-backups, and editing functionality.


Analytics Services for Website Designing

To stay ahead in digital marketing, you need to be aware of your competitors and the latest SEO trends. We have experts on board who can help you analyze your website and create a comprehensive SEO strategy. Our audit reports will help you identify low hanging fruits and long-term structural changes in the right direction.


Extra Added Features

We are all geared to travel the extra mile for your special requests in web-designs.  With us on board, you can experience advanced designs like e-commerce payment management systems, viewers review systems, social-media plugins, embedded video content, backlinking, chat-features, etc. You name it, and we do it.  

Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays a vital role in forming your brand perception. Social media is a powerful tool that creates wonders if appropriately implemented. It is an excellent way of establishing a direct connection with your customer base. We will take your brand to a whole new peak of popularity through lead generation, targeted campaigns, influencer reach out programs, and cross-channel growth,


Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Our digital marketing approach grows out of the innate needs of our clients. We have worked with several strategies ranging from focused omnichannel marketing to a more diversified approach. We don't follow the herd mentality and always form unique marketing models for our clients. Your brand values, your customer base, your competitors, and your products/services will decide the future course of action. 


A Promise to Deliver on Target-Oriented Results.

Digital Masterminds Agency has helped several US and Canadian clients to go digital. Our motto is to provide holistic, long-term, and cost-friendly website design services that add value to your organization.

We are providing Web Design Services in the USA: Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami and other areas across the USA.

We are providing Web Design Services in Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Halifax and other areas across Canada.


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